Daily Life…

Also known as I suck at not drinking soda.  I am struggling with this, so much so I’ve given up on it for now. Next week I will try again. Maybe it was just too close to quitting smoking (although I quit that over 45 days ago!). I just wasn’t ready I guess.

However, I have been focused on health. I eat more vegetables and fruits. I’m very aware about what I’m eating. I feel bad every time I have a soda (which is maybe once a day, it’s not like I’m drinking cans and cans of the crap).  My physical is coming up on Wed. I have been doing yoga and meditation. I want to find a running partner. I’m still on track in most ways on this health goal. I’ve also lost two pounds this week. Not much but it’s something!

We eat fruit and lots of it!

Other random photos…

Doing a lot of crocheting…


Wearing silly masks….

And moments of surprise….

Get Healthy – Phase Two

So, over a month ago I quit smoking. I felt amazing for about two weeks. I had a bit of energy here and there. Now, I’m feeling kind of blah. Not as much energy as I should have. I’m tried a lot. It’s obvious to me I still need to work on some health things.

So, here is my get healthy list that I am starting tomorrow morning…

1. Drink 8 glass of water or more daily. I try to do this already but lately I’ve been slacking.

2. No more soda. I am no longer a soda drinker. This might be harder than I think. We’ll see. I quit smoking, I can quit the nasty soda.

3. Jog/bike/yoga/or some sort of physical activity at least 30 minutes three days a week. I will up this as it gets nicer out.

4. Physical Appointment. Scheduled April 27th. I’m a bit nervous about this as I know that something is wrong. I have a swollen lymph node in my upper thigh. Hopefully it’ll go better than I think and not worse.

5. Be thankful and find joy in small things daily. I usually do this all the time. However, I’ve been slacking again.

6. Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. This is a hard one. I usually only get about 5 or 6. I know I need at least seven and no more than 8 hours.

7. Finish getting organized and get rid of the stuff I do not need in my home, life, or mind.

Yeah, this is a good sized list. Now I need to make a checklist I can carry with me as a reminder daily.

Wish me luck!

Surprise! It’s a Pirate Princess Party!

This morning my daughter and husband decorated and planned a pirate princess party for me to let me know how much they love me, it was a surprise. Here are some photos….

I woke up. Had not changed or taken a shower and I was getting a tiara on my head and given a star wand. Daughter had one of each also. Husband did not dress up for anything. I’ll let that go this time. Heh.

The livingroom was decorated like this…

I was given a card…

They made me french toast, sausage and bought doughnuts. We ate off these plates…

It was a fun and magical time… (daughter says!)

After breakfast we got ready for the day. Went to an art fair to visit a friend (Inkblots Art). I found a necklace for myself and my mother. After we got lunch and went to my mom’s for a visit. Puca played with her cousins while Grandma and I went for a 3.1 walk around the lake.

It was a very nice day.

Was hoping for something more interesting..

Went out to eat for lunch with sister in law and my daughter. While waiting for our lunch to come to our table a girl walked up and asked my daughter if she wanted a balloon animal. My daughter had been begging for one the moment she saw her, so yes, of course she asked for one. A monkey. The girl started making it. I looked at her and realized she had a pin on her shirt that says Balloons for Tips. Ok, so I’ll have to pay her for this balloon. Not a big deal,  I don’t mind, problem is… I have no cash on me. So I say something. She said “It’s not a big deal.” and smiled. Ok. Then I noticed another button on her that said balloons for donations. So I asked…. “So, what do you do this for?”  She replied “It’s my job”.  I don’t know why but I was hoping she’d say something like she did it for charity or something. But, it’s her job. I became interested again after wondering how does one get a job like this. “So, how did you learn to make balloon animals?”  She replied “Training books and videos through my employer.”  Um…. Hmmm…

I was hoping her story was way more interesting like… this is a family business and my father taught her how to do this. Nope. It’s her job. It’s what she does. Makes balloon pets at restaurants, making money for others. Someone make a business where they send people to restaurants and so on to make these and they get half or whatever this person makes… really?

The story in my head was way more interesting than real life.  I wonder how often that happens. Heh.


Updated to add photo of Monkey Balloon that is deflating. 3/3/20011

You’re the most beautiful when you’re happy.


My daughter says the most amazing things and she knows how to get me to slow down. This morning we went out for breakfast. While we were eating breakfast she turned and asked me…

“Why is your heart not really shaped like a heart? Do adults have broken hearts?”

I got all teary eyed and thought,  I want nothing more than for you to never feel a broken heart. I know that’s not possible. I can honestly say, my heart probably breaks once a year at least, if not more.  Sometimes the reality of our choices, internal and external things and people… They all have an impact. Sometimes this impact gives us broken hearts that we try to heal… Or bandage up hoping it doesn’t split open again. I’m good with band-aids, sometimes I wish I was better at healing.


Last night we watched “Mobbed”.  She turned to me and asked …..

“Is this how everyone gets married!!!!???”

It’s obvious she’ll be expecting a lot from her someday partner. As her mother, I believe she deserves nothing less.

Earlier in the day she put out this little gem….

“Have you kissed a frog?”

“Have you kissed a little boy?”

“Have you kissed a prince?”

“I bet you’ve kissed a prince and just didn’t know it!”

She’s probably right and I probably let him go.

and finally earlier in the day…

She put this out for all to see. ( Me and Her Grandmother!)

“Rockstar” ::two middle fingers up right at us::

To be totally honest, I did have a hard time not laughing! I wanted to laugh. It was surprising, shocking, and funny.  It was. I know, not all would find this funny. I did though. My girl has been giving people the finger since day one and that hasn’t changed one bit in almost five years. However, for the first time ever, I did give the talk about how that might offend people.

I quit!

The last time I posted here,

I had plans to paint a desk.

The desk is still green.

It is being used,

but it has not been painted yet.

Not to say I haven’t accomplished something.

I have. I quit smoking. That’s pretty big right?

My stats with not smoking are:

24 days, 15 hours, 45 minutes and 55 seconds smoke free.

493 cigarettes not smoked.

$120.00 and 3 days, 18 hours of your life saved.

I’m happy to be a non smoker now.

I don’t think it ever honored who I am.

Gave others the wrong impression of me.

It always felt uncomfortable to do.

I hated the taste and the scent of em’.

I still have no idea how or why I became a smoker anyway.

Regardless, I am now a non smoker and I am doing well.

I’m lucky. It worked just visualizing who I want the world to see.

I quit cold. No help. I told everyone I knew I was doing it, so I had support.

And my support has been fantastic.

I have noticed, I am more tired than usual.

I’ve been complaining about it all week.

I just read it’s part of the withdrawal process.

I hope it gets better. The first week I had

bolts of energy. The 2nd week I could smell things better.

This last week I’ve noticed I’m lacking energy and food tastes a lot better.

I also notice this week I feel more depressed than usual too. I’m sure there are a few things that are causing this but I’m sure that adjusting to not smoking might have something to do with it also.

I’m doing fantastic though and I’m pretty damn proud of myself.

The Desk

This desk will soon be getting a make over and I’m so excited about it. It’ll be my crafting/sewing desk. I found it at goodwill for $7.00 and I got a matching side cabinet/table for another $4. Total spent on both… $11!  I will share a before and after when they get their makeovers!


Tossing Party 2011 #1

Kitchen Cabinets = old food gone and better organized. Even wrote up what we have so I know not to buy it again. Laugh.


Hey look it’s an almost empty cabinet!

What a mess from cabinet #1!

Um, that’s a lot of chocolate. I think I need to bake a bit this week.

Hello organized cabinet #1.  Yeah that whole top shelf is baking and candy making stuff.

Cabinet #2 to get through.

And done!

I have a 3rd cabinet but it was well organized already. Didn’t need to touch that.


One trash can full of old food. Bye Bye.

Soon, The fridge and freezer. Fun!


What you tossing, donating or getting rid of in the new year?